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Ladies and Gents it is once again time to ask the tutor. Today’s lovely topic has to do with board games. Their fun for family and friends alike. They’re great for relationship building and creating memories that will last a lifetime! However, board games can also assist developing skills in competencies needed for real life situations. Let’s face it, for most, mathematics is one of those said competencies that can be difficult to grasp.

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However, as mentioned before, board games are perfect for developing said skills. The best overall board game involving math skills is the time old classic /monopoly. Yes, you read that right. If you’re trying to develop math skills in your child, your go-to a game is Monopoly. To begin, the game offers a very simplistic look at the world of real estate transaction. Throw in simplistic addition and subtraction for the in-game currency and you have a soft introduction into how the real world works. You must use your in-game currency to acquire assets in the form of property.


This introduces the topic of money management to young kids in a fun and creative way.  An often overlooked aspect of the game is the probability of landing the proper dice roll to achieve desired results. It does not necessarily affect the game outcome but if handled as a teaching tool it’s possible to teach young kids about the probability of a dice landing on a certain number. Possessing all of these intricate aspects makes monopoly the best game for teaching math skills to those struggling 3rd-6th graders.


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