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Sunday, February 17, 2019 (Free Event)

Mobile Math’s Live Webinar:  Make a Grade of “B” or Higher in Math

Mobile Math helps jump start your semester with a personalized step-by-step guide to making a grade of “B” or higher in any mathematics or statistics class.  This online seminar is designed for college students and AP high school students who are taking any level mathematics or statistics class.  This webinar will detail the Griesinger Study Plan, which is the basis for Mobile Math’s guarantee of a grade of “B” or higher.  Please send your questions and syllabus in advance.

Preregistration is required, and seating is limited to the first 5 students who preregister.

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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Mobile Math’s Live Online Refresher 8 – Week Courses

Mobile Math offers live online refresher courses that are taught at the same level as college courses.  Courses help students prepare for a more advanced mathematics, statistics, science or engineering course.  Courses also help students boost their GPA by learning the material before or while taking a course for college credit.   Classes are held live 2 hours per week for 8 consecutive weeks, and enrollment is limited to 5  students per course.  All instructors have advanced degrees in their areas of expertise. Students are allowed to record all classes through the Zoom online meeting platform.

Current courses being offered:  PreCalculus, Trigonometry, Elementary Statistics with Excel, and Calculus 1 – Scientists and Engineers, Business Calculus, and Numerical Analysis

Preregistration is required, and seating is limited.

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