Mock Defense Critique

There will come a time after you have completed your research and your manuscript that you will have to defend your work. You can prepare for your oral defense with confidence knowing that you have our highly skilled PhD or Master’s level consultants in your corner.

Benefits of having a mock defense critique

One of the best ways to ensure that you are thoroughly prepared is to perform mock defenses. Our expert consultants will critique your presentation, and provide valuable feedback. Even if it has been months since you completed your manuscript for your dissertation or thesis, we will be there to help you.


Statistical Analysis

During your defense preparation, we will go over your statistical analyses, , your results, and the interpretation of your data and results. Your consultant will not just run the data through some program and tell you if everything is ok. They will make sure you understand the results so that you have the confidence and knowledge to defend your results.


Q&A Evaluation

We will prepare a list of potential questions your committee may ask to help you prepare for almost any feasible question. Your consultant will make a list of general statistical questions that could be asked in your defense. , Questions which range from simple statistics to more complex statistical formulas in addition to unique questions that are individually tailored to the specific statistical issues and results from your research.


Answers Evaluation

We evaluate each answer you give. We do an in depth evaluation and inform you of any changes needed. We provide a thorough explanation so that you understand why the changes are needed.

 Knowledge is power and we want to empower you not simply “advise” you.

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Find the perfect consultant/tutor for you.

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