Statistical Preparation

As a student, your area of expertise is probably not statistics, but the preparation of an effective dissertation involves conducting effective research, analyzing data and presenting  results which require statistical expertise.

Benefits of having a statistical consultant help you with your
dissertation or thesis

A statistical consultant can help you  focus on becoming an expert in your field of study,
while providing a strong foundation in statistics.

Feel confident and ready.

Choosing the proper research design for your dissertation and thesis will be easy. Your consultant will teach you how to choose the appropriate research design to answer your research questions. You will be confident in your ability to choose appropriate statistical analyses for your data, interpret the findings of your research, and presenting your statistics.

We go the extra mile.

We will help you from start to finish making sure that at the end of your time with us you feel confident, secure, and knowledgeable regarding every calculation, every finding and every method used. You will feel like an expert when delivering your answers regarding the statistical analyses for your defense.

 How to develop a successful dissertation?

Hiring Mobile Math statistical consultants to help you develop a successful dissertation. Without hiring a consultant you can become engulfed in complex research and data analysis which can distract you from the topic. Any type of distraction when preparing a dissertation or thesis is a bad one.

Mobile Math statistical consultants can offer assistance with:

  • Research methodology and design,
  • Sample size calculation and justification,
  • Statistical techniques,
  • Statistical validity and reliability of results, and
  • Statistical interpretation of results.

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Mobile Math skilled statistical consultants

You will receive support with your quantitative and qualitative data from experienced PhD level statisticians who are familiar with various methods of qualitative and quantitative analyses.

Our statistical consultants are skilled in a variety of statistical methods, just to name a few :

  • Factor analyses,
  • Cluster analyses,
  • Multivariate analyses of variance,
  • Logistic regressions,
  • Propensity score analyses,
  • Hierarchical linear modeling (HLM),
  • Meta-analyses, and
  • Sstructural equation modeling (SEM).

How it works

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Tell us what you're working on.


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Find the perfect consultant/tutor for you.


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Meet in person, or online.